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Landscape Contractors In Crown Point

Landscape Contractors In Crown Point

Keeping your home beautiful on the outside is important – curb appeal! And the good news is that there are a number of very good, honest landscape contractors in Crown Point that can provide everything from full hardscapes (patios, fire places, pools) to simple color pop through strategic placement of tulips, daffodils and other seasonal plantings.

In fact, from what I’ve seen, Crown Point has some of the best landscape contractors in the entire region. One of my favorites also has a fully stocked garden center on site – that landscape contractor is Bladecutters. Bladecutters is located in CP and handles lawn care, fertilizing and regular landscaping.

Bladecutters Landscaping has been in business in NW Indiana for many years. In addition, it has remained family owned until this day. That’s important when hiring a landscaper – longevity is an indicator of quality service.

As far as a connection to Crown Point, their current location is off Summit on the East side of Crown Point.


The important thing to remember in hiring a landscape contractor: Price is not the primary decision point – longevity and long term curb appeal is. Don’t just picture the landscape as it will look at completion, rather how it will look over the seasons, and down through the years.

Your home landscape is the welcome mat to your home, and is also the only living part of your home investment. Getting the best crown point landscape contractor is definitely the place to start.


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