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GeoCaching In Crown Point!

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GeoCaching In Crown Point!

While the weather is still warm, it’s a great time to get outdoors. Why not make it adventure? Whether you are familiar with or never heard of geocaching, it’s a fun, useful, family friendly activity that has quite a few participants in the Crown Point area.

Geocaching is treasure hunting using GPS coordinates to locate the ‘cache’. Utilizing a handheld GPS device (ours is a Garmin) you can either manually input the coordinates or download them directly from the Geocache website, My son placed a cache at the fairground about two years ago, and it has held up well. We have enjoyed the comments we receive by the finders. Crown Point has some cleverly placed geocaches, some we haven’t been able to find (the library) as well as one that we had to be helped out finding (the covered bridge). There are several at Lemon Lake park.

A hidden cache somewhere at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

As well as getting out and getting some exercise, geocaching can help you learn some local history (great write up about Solon Robinson on the geocache website) and when you practice ‘cache in-trash out’ (pick up some trash while exploring) you help keep our local surroundings in great shape.

We have met some great people while adventuring-‘muggles’ who want to know why you are looking at a device in your hand and then looking at the ground, to fellow geocachers who just might give you a few seeking tips (shout out to Patch Buff, who helped us FINALLY find the covered bridge geocache).

Just remember to carry a pencil to notate your find in the log and some little goodies to leave behind if you take one out of the container. The dollar store is the usual source for our loot stash, but some people have old buttons, foreign coins or other small trinkets that become highly prized treasure for geocachers. If you want to make your own cache, sign up for an account at (it’s free) and follow the directions on placing your own geocache. We use screw top spice jars, cover them with camouflage duct tape (Dick’s,Cabela’s) print the logs off the site and you are good to go! Get clever, get creative, and get outdoors and have some fun.
Editors Note: there are also great geocaching applications for Iphone found here.

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